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    Focus Areas

    The Barley Council of Canada, also known as BCC, is recognized as the national voice for barley and is evenly comprised of seven producer organizations and seven industry representatives at the table. We focus on five key areas for the barley industry. Read more
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    The Barley Council of Canada is committed to working for the entire barley value chain through strategic initiatives. We support and engage with the entire value chain in order to move forward strategically with initiatives for barley. Read more
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    The Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is recognized as the national voice for barley. We are proud to move forward with initiatives that benefit the entire value chain. Read more

Latest News

Posted on June 25, 2015
The Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to collaborate with China Agriculture…
Posted on May 25, 2015
To view this on Winnipeg Free Press click here There has been a lot of rhetoric lately from all political…
Posted on April 1, 2015
CALGARY, ALBERTA (April 1, 2015) –The Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is now looking ahead on the future requirements to…

New GoBarley Partner Blends Farming with Family

  In today’s hectic world, families are lucky if they meet twice a year for Christmas and Thanksgiving. And for some, that’s two times too many. That’s why the latest GoBarley partner is so remarkable. Red Shed Malting didn’t just… Read More

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Farm at Hand a One-Stop Service for Producers on the go

Did you hear the one about the farmer who drove three hours for a part, only to forget the serial number? It might sound like a joke, but for Kim Keller, co-founder of Farm at Hand, it was real;… Read More

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Canada’s Lager has Alberta Roots

Barley Council of Canada (BCC) chair Brian Otto’s farm was featured in this summer’s Molson Canadian advertorial—now posted across Alberta. The Molson Canadian campaign, “Canada’s Lager has Alberta Roots” was shot on Brian and Carolyn Otto’s farm in… Read More

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