Barley Council of Canada: Canada Transportation Act Review Panel Submission

The Barley Council of Canada (BCC) recently submitted its recommendations to the Canada Transportation Act review panel.

For many BCC members who have been involved and participated in each of the previous study and commission reviews, there had always been the initial feeling of hope and optimism that meaningful regulatory and legislative reform would be enacted to respond to Canada’s future transportation needs—for farmers, processors, exporters, grain handlers and most importantly, for our domestic and export customers, only to see the final regulatory outcomes fall short on “balance”. There has been much effort over the past several decades to remove regulatory barriers and increase efficiencies and competitiveness; however, there continues to be in our view a significant lack of “balance” in the grain transportation system; both structurally and commercially.

It is our sincere hope that this Panel will recognize and understand the concerns and regulatory provisions and recommendations proposed by all stakeholders in the grains and oilseeds industry for this review. Most importantly, that this Panel will address the infrastructural requirements, power capacity needs, service responsiveness and obligations, and finally, the need for contractual accountability and non-performance consequences. It is critical that this Panel propose solutions that provide meaningful regulatory/legislative changes that address the needs of the farmer, processor and shipper in getting our product to our customers.

To view the BCC’s submission in full click here

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