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Barley Council of Canada runs a national consumer campaign called GoBarley that has become all the rage since 2012. The campaign includes initiatives that are directly related to barley’s Health Claim.

“Consumers often forget about barley. Traditional grains like wheat, and trendy grains like quinoa usually hold the spotlight,” said Linda Whitworth, Alberta Barley’s Market Development manager and the “Queen of Barley.”

Even though barley has the qualities of a super grain (healthy, versatile and delicious); it still seems to fall short in the eye of the consumer. Whitworth and her team are actively working to change this.

“We want Canadian consumers to fall in love with barley again,” Whitworth said. “Our Market Development projects and GoBarley campaign will ensure they do just that.”

Through the recently published cookbook, Go Barley: Modern Recipes for an Ancient Grain, Whitworth and her co-author Pat Inglis are looking to get the word out about barley like never before. This first-of-its-kind cookbook features more than 100 unique, simple and flavourful recipes.

“It puts a modern twist on an ancient grain,” Whitworth explained.

Since its release in April 2014Go Barley has become a Canadian best seller. As part of the cookbook’s promotional tour, Whitworth has been across the country, appearing on many Canadian lifestyle shows, including Breakfast Television Toronto and CTV Morning Live in Vancouver.

The success of this tour, and the outpouring of enthusiasm, has shown that Canadians are ready to make barley a bigger part of their lives.

With so many things working in its favour, barley is poised to capture the Canadian consumer market.

Go to for recipes and information on all things food barley!

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