Canadian barley: a national treasure

We live in a country where our beer is as good as gold, and our beef is best.

Barley now has its national champion and each end-use needs the Barley Council of Canada’s (BCC) undivided attention to sustain quality, market demand and long-term profitability.

By working together on a national level with BCC, organizations like Beer Canada and the Malting Industry Association of Canada (MIAC) are better positioned to strategize value for their members and customers.

By working with the entire value chain, these organizations can identify and promote the varietal development of barley that meets not only the agronomic needs of producers, but also the specific qualities and attributes required by brewing customers in Canada and abroad.

Having the BCC’s support behind Beer Canada and MIAC demonstrates the link between beer and agriculture.

And let’s not forget feed—after all, Canada has 5.5 million metric tonnes of domestic feed-use, which is a larger quantity for feed-use than wheat and oats combined. Barley’s quality is largely prized for its feed-use that supports livestock production. The entire value chain works closely and diligently to take advantage of every opportunity for feed users and manufacturers.

To top it all off, Canadian barley is also gaining notoriety in the eye of the consumer.

Through BCC’s national consumer campaign GoBarley, BCC is striving to revitalize this grain as a homegrown superfood with health benefits through its Health Claim.

With GoBarley now established as a Canadian consumer branding initiative, the council will spend a good portion of its time talking about barley as the grain of choice for consumers and health professionals alike.

With a united front and a unified voice, the voice for barley is stronger and its reach is broader.

So whether you appreciate barley in a cold beer or a BBQ’d steak—our council will make sure you can continue to savour this national treasure.

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