Farm at Hand a One-Stop Service for Producers on the go

Did you hear the one about the farmer who drove three hours for a part, only to forget the serial number? It might sound like a joke, but for Kim Keller, co-founder of Farm at Hand, it was real; as in, real opportunity.

“Farm At Hand is a farm management platform that keeps you organized, efficient and productive by capturing key field data,” said Anastasia Hambali, Head of Community for the company. “It lets you track all field activities like planting, spraying, scouting and harvesting with your smartphone, tablet device or computer.”

Most importantly, Farm at Hand never sells or shares user data, so ownership remains with the customer.

Free for All
They say the best things in life are free, but they also say you get what you pay for, so what do ”they” know? According to Hambali, Farm at Hand is that rare breed: Free, yet priceless. “We believe that every farmer should have access to the best farm management tools regardless of their operation size.”

14445948551_b82fc4e07bsfYnsxNdNo Laughing Matter

If you’d rather avoid your own version of the fruitless three hour drive, Farm at Hand has you covered.

“You can track your equipment, serial/part numbers, purchase price and maintenance records in case you re-sell items in the future.”

And since they’re all about helping you mind your business, they offer a hand in that regard.

“If you’ve contracted to provide “x” amount of barley or wheat by a certain date at a certain price, you can keep that information in one place and access it anytime.”

A Site for Sore Eyes
A big focus for co-founder Kim Keller and partner Himanshu Singh is listening to their users, so when customers wanted a website, they got it.

”It lets clients access their information, download reports and check their inventory on a bigger screen than an iPhone or android,” said Hambali. “The data you enter is automatically synced across your computer, smartphone and tablet.”

The site also houses their blog and “meet the farmer” campaign that puts a face to farming and gives producers a “megaphone to tell their stories”.

More than 21,000 farmers across North America have used Farm At Hand since the company started in 2012.

You can sign up for Farm At Hand on their website ( or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. You can contact them via Twitter @FarmAtHand or email

No doubt the guy at the desk had a chuckle when Kim showed up without the part number. But given the impact of Farm At Hand on all aspects of farm management, it may be her fellow producers who have the last laugh.

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