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GoBarley just landed another key partnership—Sunny Boy Foods.

GoBarley_4C no poweredIt’s the perfect fit for Sunny Boy, a Camrose–based company that produces local, fresh and nutrient-rich foods in an Italian-style mill.

GoBarley is a great partner for Sunny Boy because barley has many health benefits that most of our target audience aren’t aware of,” said Janine Robin, sales and marketing coordinator at Sunny Boy.“GoBarley educates the public of barley’s benefits, and is a strong partner with Alberta Barley, a great organization that promotes Canadian barley in domestic and global market places.”

Striking the deal in November 2014, Sunny Boy will place the GoBarley logo on its new products in early 2015. The exact products have yet to be determined.

“We are working on new products within our GrainFrac company that contain high beta-glucan content,” said Robin. “We hope those products will be in production in the New Year. Logos will appear within two to three months from that date.”

Supporting local produce is crucial for Sunny Boy, as it ensures all products are fresh for consumers, she added.

Even though the company began operations in 1926, developing its widely popular hot cereal in 1929, Sunny Boy remains relevant while maintaining old-fashioned values in an ever-changing consumer landscape.

“It’s all about traditional milling processes with a modern taste,” said Robin. “We are continually supporting and developing local products that hold up to these values.”

Sunny Boy’s partnership with GoBarley also highlights the importance of buying local. “This partnership puts a focus on local products that are available right here in Alberta,” Robin said. “We hope this partnership builds awareness of barley’s benefits to the public.”

Barley’s benefits include: lowering cholesterol; making you feel fuller, longer; providing many essential vitamins and minerals; and being low in sugar, fat and salt.

Sunny Boy products can be found in Safeway, Sobeys, Co-op, Freson Bros., Save-On-Foods, Planet Foods, Organic Box, Earth’s General Store, Leduc Pantry and United Grocers stores.

To read more about GoBarley’s product partner line, please go to: GoBarley Product Partners

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