SaskBarley identifies key barley-specific transportation recommendations

SaskBarley recently made its recommendation to the Canada Transportation Act Review public with the following statement:

Saskatchewan barley farmers faced unique transportation challenges during the 2013/2014 crop year, and could face further issues in the future, unless changes are made to the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA).

“While we appreciated the efforts of the federal government to regulate grain movement and there was noticeable improvement with many crops, there were unintended consequences that hurt barley producers,” says Cam Goff, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley). “Because of these consequences, our board felt there were key barley specific transportation recommendations that should be put forward during the Canadian Transportation Act review process to limit these consequences into the future.”

SaskBarley’s submission to the CTA review focuses on creating competitive, market-based solutions that enhance efficiency and service to all parties, create transparency, and increase certainty for market access. The recommendations include: the enhancement of competition with running rights, a full costing review, a commitment to maintaining the maximum revenue cap, greater transparency and information requirements from railroads, further service and priority for producer cars, and a reliable and timely dispute resolution mechanism.

“This recent submission by SaskBarley seeks to emphasize key recommendations related to barley transportation issues. Barley was significantly affected by the lack of north/south rail movement during the 2013/2014 crop year, as well as the lack of movement eastward,” Goff says. “As a board we felt we needed to provide direct input into the CTA review and address these barley specific needs.”

SaskBarley is also participating in the joint submission to the CTA announced December 2, 2014, with the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission and the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan. This joint submission has recommendations focusing on Saskatchewan producer interests as a whole, with the SaskBarley submission providing greater emphasis on issues pertaining directly to barley.

SaskBarley’s full submission, as well as the joint submission can be found at:

For more information on the information above, please contact:

Cam Goff, Chair
Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
Phone Number: 306-222-3514

To view SaskBarley’s complete CTA submission, click here

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