Focus Areas

Research & Innovation

  • We align innovation and variety development efforts to meet both grower and end-use market needs (all end uses: feed, malt, food, industrial).
  • We provide a unified voice and national applicant approach to attract increased research funding.
  • We collaborate with barley breeders and researchers.

Beneficial Management Practices

  • We collaborate with agronomic researchers to develop best practices to manage production issues.
  • We educate growers on customer requirements for Canadian barley and how to meet these requirements.

Market Development

  • We position Canada as a leader in top-quality barley in domestic and international markets.
  • We promote the value of feed barley for livestock to be competitive with other feed options.
  • We raise awareness of the heart-healthy properties of food barley and recently approved development of the national GoBarley consumer campaign.
  •  We promote new uses for barley. For example, ethanol and Dried Distiller Grains with Solubles for feed. (DDGS)

Market Access

  • We maintain and expand access to key markets.
  • We work to remove market access barriers.
  • We advise government on trade policies/agreements.


  • We educate all levels of the value chain and government on the industry and all things barley.
  • We build strong relationships throughout all links in the value chain.