Market Development: Key Markets

The Barley Council of Canada focuses on developing demand for barley in specific regions around the world. Currently, BCC is focused on the following key markets:

North America

  • Canada: 75 per cent of barley production sold domestically, 80 per cent as feed barley, burgeoning craft brewery market use 100 per cent high quality cdn malt barley
  • United Stated of America: Primarily malt barley to supply US brewers in good proximity to the border
  • Mexico: Emerging market for malt, feed and food barley opportunities


  • China: Largest offshore market and looking to increase imports of Canadian barley for growing high quality beer demand
  • Japan: Second largest offshore market – feed, malt and food barley
  • South Korea: Potential Canada–Korea Free Trade Agreement, strong market for malt, emerging demand for feed and food barley

Emerging Regions / Partner Markets

These regions and markets of focus also happen to align very well with:

  • Barley research focuses in Canada and the USA
  • The production livestock industry in Canada—particularly cattle and swine sectors
  • Cdn beef and pork offshore markets of focus
  • The global livestock industry – in particular cattle and swine sectors (Japan & Saudi Arabia)