August: Education Update

The BCC had three areas of focus for the past month (July 2014)

The first was education; as BCC concentrated on consumer and industry outreach at the events like the Calgary Stampede, the Rahr Malting tour and FCDC Field Day in Lacombe. As a national organization, BCC is committed to working with its members and staff to promote the organization. Part of this mission includes being represented at industry and consumer events to tell the story of how the BCC represents barley on a national scale.

This important work will continue in the coming months, as BCC is now armed with promotional materials including new banners and brochures. BCC is becoming more and more recognizable at meetings and events.

The second area of focus was policy. BCC continued its important work in July on the transportation file, and provided the Canadian Grain Commission with stakeholder input on proposed contract regulations.

Additionally, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is considering restrictions on the movement of cereal grain screenings from all of Saskatchewan and a portion of SE Alberta.  BCC is collaborating with industry partners on a national scale to ensure that industry consultation, and scientific-based evidence, will be used to determine regulations that would impact  the grain and feed industries in Canada. Feed Coalition manager Kelly Chambers has been instrumental in assisting the BCC on this, and further updates will be issued in the coming months.

The final focus area for July was development, as the FYE 2015 BCC budget preparation is well underway. The action items that were indicated by the BCC board as priority from the June 2014 board meeting arealso being worked on, and incorporated into the planning for the future.

Looking ahead to the next month, the BCC website will be launched. The new and improved will feature important organizational information, the latest industry news, and frequent updates on the BCC’s activities. Check back in late August for more.

As indicated in the research update, BCC executive director Brett Campbell will be participating in Research & Innovation Outreach Initiativea in Eastern Canada in conjunction with Alberta Barley’s research manager Garson Law. Details regarding their trip, and the important findings, will be made available.