Call for Letters of Intent – National Barley Cluster


Status: Open

The Barley Council of Canada (BCC) is pleased to announce a call for letters of intent (LOI) for breeding and research projects and program activities into the next National Barley Cluster (2018–2023), as part of the next agricultural policy framework (APF).


*  If you downloaded this template prior to Dec. 15, 2016, please download the version two (V2) template above.
^  Please type within the text boxes. Only text within the designated boxes will be visible once submitted.

Closing Date: January 8, 2017 at 11:59 PM MST

Full proposals will be requested by invitation only following the BCC’s review of Letters of Intent (LOIs).

Who can apply? 

  • Eligible applicants include researchers in Canada’s academic institutions, not-for-profit research institutions, and federal and provincial government research organizations.
  • Applicants from private sector researchers in Canada are eligible if they can demonstrate the ability to conduct sound science, and outline how they will address the cluster’s principles of collaborative, transparent, non-exclusive and broad-based distribution of results and technologies to maximize benefit to Canadian farmers and the barley value chain.

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