Markus Haerle

Grain Farmers of Ontario
Markus Haerle is the director for District 14 (Prescott, Russell, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry). He has held the position since 2010 and was elected vice chair of the Board of Directors in 2015. Haerle is also a member of the Wheat Marketing Committee and is a representative for Grain Farmers of Ontario with the American Soybean Association, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, Ontario Agriculture Sustainability Coalition, and the RMP Reference Committee. Haerle sees our organization as the voice of farmers; he feels Grain Farmers of Ontario is there every day to do the work that farmers don’t necessarily have the time to do themselves. Lobbying is one focus that Haerle feels very strongly about. He believes that if the government supports farmers it helps the industry as a whole. Another focus is public outreach - District 14 delegates built and run a fair and event trailer to help educate the public about grain farming and agriculture in general. Haerle believes his success as a director can be attributed to the support he receives from his district delegates and the farmer-members they represent. Haerle and his wife, Roxane, farm more than 1,800 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat near St. Isidore. They also have 20,000 laying hens and Haerle is a councillor for the Egg Farmers of Ontario. When not in the field, Haerle can be found in the farm shop as he enjoys welding and creating or altering his own farm implements and machinery. The Haerles have four children - Sabrina, Kassandra, Mathew, and Christopher Robin. They are pleased to see the farming tradition being carried on by Mathew who now works the farm with them, and by Christopher who helps maintain the equipment when free from his apprenticeship as a heavy diesel mechanic.