William Van Tassel

Producteurs de Grains du Québec
William Van Tassel is the first vice-chair of the Producteurs de Grains du Québec. Van Tassel has farmed 1,100 acres of cash crops—wheat, canola, soya, malt barley, corn and forage crops—in the area of Lac-Saint-Jean, Que., for 31 years. Van Tassel has been vice-chair of the PGQ for six years, and is involved in several PGQ committees. He also serves on the board of directors for CÉROM Inc. Van Tassel is the spokesman for the Farmers for Investment in Agriculture (FIA) coalition in Québec. Van Tassel has been married to his wife Huguette Larouche for 30 years, and is the father of three children. Their oldest son, Dave, who has two young daughters himself, operates a dairy farm. Their daughter Jessica recently completed her master’s degree in nursing and their youngest son, Mike, is studying psychology.